09/11 Remember and Honor

So it has been ten years since this beautiful country we call America was attacked.  Attacked and shaken to our very core.  I am sure everyone can remember where they were and what they were doing.  But have you remembered and honored what you felt that day?  Has it made a difference in who you are, how you treat people  and what you believe in?  I know it has certainly changed me. I was in a dark place at that point in my life, and then the planes flew into the twin towers, no longer were my problems so horrible, no longer was I so self consumed. I made a very concious decsion to be happy, to live life, and enjoy my friends and family and to be a kinder person to people I do not know. My father and grandfather had given their lives and many other relatives are still giving to keep this country safe. And yet here we were being attacked at our very core. It was not just landmarks that were attacked, but our whole belief system, our  values and  our faith. My heart was heavy with the grief I felt for all those people that we could not keep safe on our own soil.  So has it really changed you? I know it has changed me.

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