Enjoy This Ride Called Life


You have heard it a thousand times “enjoy the ride”, but have you ever stopped to really think about what that means? I mean really thought about it?  Life is short and you only get one ride through it, so why not enjoy it?  Everyone has problems, everyone has worries, stress, money issues, blah, blah, blah.  So and so is mad at you for doing something you don’t think is justified.  Guess what, if you are dwelling on it, then you are losing precious time you were given to enjoy life. I consider that a real waste of your own precious time, energy and well being.  Do you really want to waste a minute on something that is really only a blip on your life radar? That time you wasted could have been spent laughing with your friends or family.  Instead, that moment is gone – forever. Happiness really is a choice, you can decide to be happy, or you can decide to dwell on all the wrongs that have been put upon you. Me?  I choose to be happy in as many ways as possible. Next time you are out doing errands, take a minute to just enjoy the scenery around you, the flowers, the clouds, the laughter of anyone.  It really will make you feel better.  Then just keep adding those types of minutes to your days and you will be surprised how fast your out look on life will improve, and people will want to be around you because you are always happy. Now don’t get me wrong I have times when I am flat out pissed off at the world…lol but I try to remember to only let it last for so long, because who else really cares how bad a day you are having? and whose time are you really wasting??  That’s right yours, and every minute is yours to do with what you like, so wouldn’t you rather enjoy them then waste them?


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  1. Great post, Suzanne. Life, indeed is short and we must enjoy every minute or lose it forever. Anger is such a waste of energy…love you!!

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