This post is dedicated to anyone who has lost a pet

Thank you Cindy for allowing me to share this with you and for showing my heart what was in me

WeaselSRS_5026I Lost a Piece of Me

When you lose a pet you lose a part of you. Every time we give away our heart to a pet, when they leave this world, they take a piece of it with them.

That piece that we gave willing and freely. It will remain with them forever and yet a piece of them remains with you as well.

A piece that is yours and only yours. It holds a special place within you, a place of love and peace, and that piece in turn holds all those fond memories that you have of them.

Memories that you will call upon and cherish for the rest of your life.

And when you are ready, another animal will come along and you shall accept it as you have the ones that have gone before, and it too will own a piece of your heart, and you theirs.

Yet while we are so busy loving and grieving when one leaves us behind, we do not realize what is happening to our heart.

Yes it is in a million pieces but when our heart slowly comes back together and it is done with all the original pieces yet one more.

That one piece that makes our heart just a bit bigger allowing for you to give freely again without losing the ones that are held by others.

And the cycle shall continue and our hearts shall grow and continue to love even though so many pieces belong to so many others.


-Suzanne Sylvester


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