End of Season Sale

End Of Season Sale

Hi Everyone!!!


We are getting ready to delete old galleries to make room for the fall shows!! So to make your choices a bit easier for you we are offering 15 images on a CD for $250.00. They are fully edited images that you can print, email, use on Facebook, or a multitude of other things. About the only thing you can not do with them is change them or resell them.


This offer is only available to the galleries that have a “Year End” tab in the pricing section. If you happen to choose an image that is not in a sale gallery, you will be asked to choose another image. Once you have placed your order via the internet, we will email you an order sheet on which to list your deisred images. Simply email the form back and we will get started on your images. Please note that due to high volume it may take 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed.


This offer is only good until November 1, so be sure to get your orders in, because after that this deal will be gone.




S. Sylvester Photography



Cool Day In The Pines 07/23/2011
Copper State Horse Show in Flagstaff, what a nice day in the pines at a wonderful show.  Anna and Penny do a great job, and in my opinion could noCopper State Classict have picked a better location!  Cool weather, lots of pine trees and many friends to catch up with.
While it was cool, I did manage to get a bit sunburned on my face.  I forgot that they make this stuff called sunscreen…..duhhhh!!!
Check out all the pictures at www.ssylvester.com.  I look forward to more Flagstaff shoots!!