That New Horse Feeling

I can remember getting my first horse.  I guess I was about 13 (I have to guess becasue it was soooooo long ago!!).  My excitment could barely be contained. The second horse was just as exciting, as were each one to follow. Now I get to be a small part of a young lady getting a new horse, and well it is just as exciting.  This particular young lady found a horse near where I live in Phoenix, and being that she lives in Oregon, I got to be the one to go “try” her out.  Have to say it is a really good thing that she is not a cutting horse, or poor Laken would be out a horse before she ever got her!  With the purchase completed, Annie got to come stay with us for a while, until a ride could be found to take her north. Yesterday  I had to deliver her to Flagstaff to meet her ride and I was actually sad to see her go.  She is a sweet sweet mare and Laken is just going to love her (I hope….lol).  I could not let her leave without getting a few “shots” in of her – I mean who could resist with all that pretty mane??  Glad Laken has to take care of it rather than me though! To Laken, thank you so much for letting me be a little part of this and I truely hope you love your new “pony”. Two beautiful girls together, now that I would like to shoot.

One thought on “That New Horse Feeling”

  1. Ahhh Suzanne, it would not have been possible without your and Kelly’s help ! I know the feeling, I am super excited too, and she hasn’t even arrived yet ! I know the anticipation is killing Laken, she has been wanting a horse that she can do everything with for soooo long( even telling me about dreams of having one, seriously!)I remember being able to jump on and ride through the fields back home when I was a young girl, and the rest of the world would just fade away for hours at a time….no worries, just endless dreams, Oh how I wish I could go back ! Even with me reminding her about volleyball, singing,etc…Laken has been like a pitbull hanging on to the dream! Now, her dream is coming true, she will have her best friend to pass the days with, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime♥

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