Time to Get My Learn On (or just a refresher)


I have decided to send myself back to school in a way.  Not the class room lecture type school, but rather one that I have imposed upon myself.  Some items I want to get better at, and some items are just good to do as a refresher course.  Life sometimes gets in the way of what we know and every now and again we need to step back and look at things again or even in perhaps a different way.  So I have made up my curriculum (which since I made it – I can change it if I want to!!! lol) and will be doing a “class” a week.  If you want to join me, I would love to have company – even if only in cyber space.   I will be happy to post  your assignments right along with mine, and I would even appreciate some critiques! So get out your red pencils and let’s have some fun.


Week 1     (Jan 2-8, 2012)               Fill Flash

Week 2     (Jan 9-15, 2012)             Fill and Reflector

Week 3     (Jan 16-22, 2012)          Flash Exposure Compensation

Week 4     (Jan 23-29, 2012)         Panoramas

Week 5     (Jan 30-Feb 5, 2012)    Light Diffusion

Week 6     (Feb 6-12, 2012)            Chiaoscuro

Week 7      (Feb 13-19, 2012)          Revealing Texture

Week 8      (Feb 20-26, 2012)        Transparency and Translucency

Now this looks like a pretty good start.  There are a lot of lighting “classes” here, but lighting IS photography. So time to get back to basics!!!  The panorama was thrown in there just for something fun and different.


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