Way Back When


For those of you that think photography is a relatively new thing for me – think again.  My first camera was one of those Kodak Instamatics with the cool flash cube! Then came the 110 camera. It was not until high school graduation that I got an SLR.  Yippy…..oh wait – I have to pay for the film and processing????  Hmmmm….. Not sure I like this now.  lol  So being a broke college student, I did not get to do much in the way of photography, I did not stop by any means, just slowed way down so I could afford to shoot!

Now I have digital SLR cameras and still have some of that cost per frame mentality (not near as much as I used to though!) I love the challenge of trying to get the shot right in the camera.  While I have a great abundance of respect for Photoshop wizards, I personally do not think that it makes you a better photographer.  I feel that comes from knowing your equipment, how to use it, lighting and knowing your subject.

It is funny to stop and think how long photography has been a part of my life.  I finally sat down and went through a few old negatives (20+ years old….lol) and decided to have them converted to digital.  Photography has come such a long way since 19??  (I can’t really remember the exact date I started my camera obsession so you are not getting the exact year!!) When they first introduced the digital SLR cameras, I was in college and can remember the photographers at the horse shows with these very, very expensive new fangled cameras that you could see pictures on immediately. I was so envious!!  Now I can not imagine anything else.  Yep I am now one of those camera geeks that waits for the new models to come out.  As of now I am saving my pennies for the new Canon 1D X which is set to debut March 2012. I can not wait!!!

So here are a few pictures that I recently had converted from 135mm negatives to digital……not bad for the negatives being well over 20 years old!!  lol

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